Homeowner’s Deck Safety Tips

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Deck Maintenance and Safety

Deck’s can  add a lot of  value to a home. In the summer they are wonderful for relaxing and eating. I really enjoy entertaining my guests outside on the deck, it’s like having an extra room. Many homeowner’s don’t think a deck needs any maintenance, but that’s not the case. Home owner’s safety tip – an unmaintained deck can become unattractive and dangerous. We certainly don’t want anyone to get hurt or create any liability issues. If you don’t maintain your wood deck, the wood can become dry and split. Dry wood can become twisted, wrapped, uneven and develop gaps creating a tripping hazard. Wooden  hand rails can become unstable and dangerous.   If you let a deck  get past the point of repair it will require an expensive complete replacement.

Annual Maintenance Needs

The weather and sun can be so brutal on your deck so it needs to be cleaned, treated and stained to protect the value of your home. During the year try to keep your deck free from debris such as leaves and such. Debris that is not removed can cause mold or mildew and encourage the deck to rot. It is recommended you wash, seal and paint or stain your deck annually, in some areas you may need to maintain twice a year. Sealing your deck will help protect from water and sun damage.  You can do the work your self or hire someone. If you want to do the maintenance  you can easily find the supplies you need such as deck cleaner, stains and paint at your local hardware store. To clean and seal your deck you are going to need a couple of very dry days to do the job properly. Maintenance will be a minor expense compared to the expense of completely replacing your deck.

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